Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baler Twine

I just finsished my last night check of the horses - feeding one last flake of hay and picking up the stalls, etc. Once again, I marvel at the number of baler twine strings that have accumulated on the hook we use to hold them once we pull them from the bales. 28 already, in just four days. I'm constantly saying that these pesky strings need to be recycled. I know we all try to use them around our farms for things like tying down tarps . . . but maybe we should all start a letter writing or email campaign to the the companies that make baler twine to recycle it. Out of curiousity I searched the Internet and say a few reuses of the stuff. The best was using it to make a hay net. This sounds like a possible winter project. Since I'm not very good at knitting, maybe I could make baler twine hay bags? I'll keep you posted on how this goes . . .

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