Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is the carbon hoofprint for your horse?

As I'm working on the fall 2010 issue of Green Horsekeeping I did some figuring on how much waste (and this is just on basic horse care and feeding) each of my horses make. While when I look at the totals for just one horse - it doesn't seem so bad, when I times it by 3 (the number of horses we have) the impact is quite large. The average horse discards about 50 pounds of manure a day - when you times this by 365 you get 18,250 pounds per year. Then, when I times that by three I get a staggering 54,750 pounds of manure!!! For the fall issue I also tabulate baler twine used, shoes, bedding and feed bags. Wait till I tabulate show supplies, etc.

By the way, it hasn't rained yet. This may start out as a very dry spring . . .

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