Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mother Nature & Stustainable Horsekeeping

Once again, I'm remined that Mother Nature still rules when it comes to green or sustainable horskeeping. We've had an unseasonable warm March here in the Midwest . . . It gave me a chance to geta jump on cleaning up pastures and hay fields and speading manure and other organic matter. I've really thought that I was being green savvy and was getting a leg up on things, afterall, in the past two weeks it was supposed to rain several times. Guess what? it hasn't. So my dreams of getting that great natural fertilizer out there and having some ground soaking rains to help break the matter down into the soil all went south. My visions of nice lush green sprouts have faded . . .and I can't believe I'm already complaining that it's too dry out. Maybe April will come in light a lion? Isn't that how the saying goes . . .

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