Monday, October 11, 2010

Little evidence of ecofriendliness . . .

I just returned from my annual pilgrimage with friends to one of the nation's largest breed horse shows and trade venues . . . . To be honest, I was a little disapointed in the amount of ecofriendliness I observed.

Other than seeing some trends among horse trailer manfacturers for build upgraded bumper pull horse trailers to accommodate the growing market of horse owners who want to downsize from their large goose neck w/living quarters rigs, I saw little evidence little evidence of "green".

The show horse industry is without a doubt one of the least sustainable venues of horse ownership. The need to upgrade your show tack and attire was apparent everywhere from larger show saddles that looked more to me like parade saddles, to show shirts so laden with bling that there was little evidence of anything natural other than the paper hangtag that revealed its price . . .

As for myself, I hope I made my ecofriendly vote by bringing home very little in the way of product literature and horse publications. Instead of reaching for a brochure, because it might be something of interest later, I asked a few questions and then made my decision whether to bring home the literature or not. I'm proud to say I only brought home just a handful of material. This year the 2-inch thick journal filled with mostly four-color ads was tempting to drag home, however, the thought of having to throw it away - even if that meant in the recycling bin - was far to wasteful a thing for me to do.

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